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1931 Cadillac LaSalle 345A Sport Coupé

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1931 Cadillac LaSalle 345A Rumble Seat Sport Coupé


LaSalle was a Swiss Company and produced more exclusive products than Cadillac USA.


The LaSalle was produced by GM and was recognized as the start of modern automobile styling. It was introduced 1927 and was not comparable with any styling before.


The LaSalle came with a Cadillac engine which was faster and more agile as known before. It was the first car where the full color scale was available which were produced and introduced by DuPont as fast drying colors. And the LaSalle could be ordered in bicolor as well.


The Model 345A was introduced 1930 with a 353,3 cubic-inch V8 Motor and 95 hp. It had a wheel base of 134 inches and a weight of 4345 pounds.  10.000 pcs in total have been produced.


It had chrome spoke wheels, white wall wheels and two spare wheels in the spare wheel holders on each side, a rumble seat, a golf bag box with separate door, a real trunk and adjustable wind deflectors in front and back. The windshield wipers move horizontal from left to right and back.


It came with an outstanding equipment: The dimmed headlights turned into the respective directions.


This car had a complete frame off restauration a few years ago and was completely disassembled. Motor has been completely reworked, the interior got new tissue, the chrome and wood got re-polished. A new paint and new or re-polished steel parts completed the restoration.


Just the fact to be invited to take part in a Concours d'Elegance is remarkable. It is upon invitation and a special honor.

This car was distinguished at the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance in November 2007.

This Concours had the topic: “The most outstanding cars from Cadillac and LaSalle”.


According to our investigations today there are only 2 existing LaSalle 345A worldwide left.


This car is unique and amazing!

The selling dealer (seller) hereby disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied.

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