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1963 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb (W111)

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1963 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb (W111)


Series production of the 4 door sedan began in August 1059 after the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The 220SEb replaced the 220SE Ponton sedans. Price at that time was 20500,-- DM

It came with the 2195cc M 127 straight-six engine, 120 hp( 89kW) at 4800rpm, with top speed of 172km/h.


The body had a stable passenger compartment and effective crumble zones. Mercedes carried out extensive crash tests and used the steering wheel had a telescopic steering column.

From 1961 the convertible execution has been introduced. For the convertible  four times as many parts were produced in handcraft than for the limousine.

The Mercedes 220SEb was the first Mercedes serial car with disc brakes for the front wheels.


This car had a complete frame on restauration ;in original color new varnished, all leather new, carpets new, convertible top 2 year old, wooden parts worked up or replaced, chrome parts  worked up or replaced, new white wall wheels, spare wheel included, original radio, engine overhauled.

Classic Data of 2016 was rating the car with 1,0.

The selling dealer (seller) hereby disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied.

All further selling conditions are mentioned in the selling contract.

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