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1966 Mercedes 600 Pullmann

Price on request

MB 600 Pullmann


MB 600 Pullmann  short version had only a few competitors: The RR and Bentley, the Cadillac Fleetwood , the Lincoln Continental Lehmann- Peterson and the Chrysler Imperial Crow Ghia.

Almost all short version of the 600 Pullmann has been produced with a divider window separating the front seats from the rear bench seat.

The 600´s great size , weight and numerous hydraulically driven amenities required more power than Mercedes´ largest engine- the 3 liter 6 cylinder M189 -  at that time. A new 8 cylinder with more than twice the capacity was developed- the 6.3 liter M100 with 300 HP. (250 HP for the output and 50 HP to power the hydraulic convenience  system.)

This car was driven by the most important celebrities  in America, the most political leaders in the world and many royal houses.


This car is a frame on restauration with new leather, sky, carpets. The new curtain around the rear area gives you privacy.

Wood has been reworked,

front and rear axle, exhaust and many other parts replaced and the motor technically obsoleted and many parts replaced or reworked.

The sunroof works , the Air condition works great,

The Chrome is in a very good condition. Almost all parts outside repainted in top quality. All works done in German shops specialized on 600 Pullman.  

This car has been ordered and produce for “ Little Joe  “ –from the BONANZA tv series. His name is marked on the inside of  the wood strip from the rear window.

Classic Data certificate July 2018 1- ( best you can have )


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