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1949 Cadillac Cabriolet Serie 62

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1949 Cadillac Convertible Serie 62


The Series 62 has been produced by Cadillac from 1940 to 1964 and was extremely successful.


In 1948 the Series 62 got a new bodywork with his first rear wings. Wheel base and dimensions were identical to the first Series model 61, but has been better equipped.


The range was available from a Club Coupé, Cabriolet  to a convertible, driven by a 5,7 liter V8 engine.


Starting from 1949 the engine was changed to a 331 cubic inch OHV V8 and was truly revolutionary. 200 pounds lighter than the flathead, it made more power and torque and got better fuel economy. With its shorter stroke, it didn’t mind revving and pulled the heavy luxury car around with real authority.  All the original accessories made for a nicely detailed engine bay that looks right. Now before you dismiss the early automatic transmission, take it for a drive. Remember that it has lower gearing in first and second to really rocket off the line and out back, there are lower 3.36 gears, making it a superlative highway cruiser. Honestly, if you want a late-40’s Cadillac, a Hydro-Matic is the only way to go. It also sounds great with a single exhaust and modern 235/75/15 whitewall radials provide an exemplary ride with a vintage look.


GM fans will surely be happy to note that the burgundy paint on this car is a correct shade of 1949 Cadillac Madeira Maroon. Tailfins were in their second year and they were a major hit with the car-buying public, and there are more than a few enthusiasts who regard the early P-51 inspired look as the finest of them all.


Nothing radical inside, either, just pure elegance. Pleated leather seats front and rear offer seating for six in a pinch, and make no mistake, this is a very big car. The band of light-colored trim that encircles the interior gives it a modern look, while the body-colored instrument panel again shows some aircraft influences that were popular after the war. A beautiful re-cast steering wheel with horn ring provides first-class control over the machine and yes, this is a Hydra-Matic car, which works well with the power windows, top and even power seat, to provide a very luxurious environment. The original AM radio still lives in the dash and there’s a full array of instruments below the oversized speedometer. The electric-hydraulic tan top folds quickly and easily, and the trunk is nicely finished with correct bound carpets and a full-sized spare tire.


The shown car had a frame on restauration a few years ago. 2015/2016 the engine has been completely serviced, wires has been replaced, oil and brake fluid changed under carriage and under body cleaned. All leather reworked and front bench newly upholstered. The soft top was renewed a few years ago and is like new. Paint and chrome/steel parts are in good condition. Panel fit is excellent and it’s even more remarkable that this is a convertible, not a sedan.


This car runs and drives soft and pleasant.

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