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1954 MG TF 1500

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1954 MG TF 1500


The TF series started in 1953 and was an upgraded TD model with a declining grill and integrated headlights in the mudguard.


1954 the engine has been reworked and got an enlargement to 1466 cubic inches. He had 63hp (46kW) with 5500 rpm. This model has been called TF 1500.


1955 the last ones have been produced with a total of 3.400 pcs of the TF 1500.


After 2,5 years frame off restauration this car is in a perfect condition. Motor and frame have matching numbers. Engine, gear and starter are original rebuilt. All moveable parts of the drive shaft, suspension, brakes, starter and steering have been changed or reworked. The electric System with a 12V generator and double fuel pump are completely renewed. The car has been completely dismantled, all ash wood parts changed, new glued and screwed, all necessary parts new sandblasted and new lacquered before reassembling.


The car got a new paint with 7 color coatings and 7 clear coatings.


All chrome parts except the front grill and the windshield panels have been replaced. The interior with the individual racing bucket seats, the soft top, the cover and the side windows are also new. Supplier for all parts used was ‘Moss Motors’. The car have five 6’’ Dayton 72-spoke-rims with British Dunlop SR 60 205/75/15 wheels.

The selling dealer (seller) hereby disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied.

All further selling conditions are mentioned in the selling contract.

Our vehicles are sold on sale to an entrepreneur under exclusion of all claims (proper defects)


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