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1959 Cadillac DeVille Series 41

Price on request

1959 Cadillac DeVille Series 41-62 Convertible


The Cadillacs, produced 1959, are well known for their huge tail fins – an immediate reaction to the tail fins of the Buick cars.


As Cadillac created the origin for this style already 1949 it was imperative to win this ‘tail fin’ battle!


These Cadillacs were massive and distinctive!


The big Caddy-V8-engine has been revised to 390 cubic inches.


Starting from 1959 the DeVille and Eldorado models have been outsourced the 62 series and have been continued as independent model series (called Series 6300 and Series 6400).


From 1959 the Caddy came with a 6,4 Liter 8V engine with 324 hp.


The long extended soft top was only produced in 1959.


This vehicle is in a rarely good condition and have a frame off restauration.

Vehicle floor completely ice blasted, rebuilt, sealed and treated. (2019 Dec.)
The transmission is completely overhauled (2019/2020)
Engine completely overhauled and serviced and all liquids refilled (2016)
Air condition serviced and refilled (2019)
All chrome parts polished or partially replaced where necessary.
The electro-hydraulic soft top has been renewed and freshly covered.
The front and rear seats have been replaced (in original design and color), all carpets are new
Tires new

A sworn vehicle expert classifies this car in 2016 as a ‘1-‘.


It should be one of the best – if not the best existing one.

The selling dealer (seller) hereby disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied.

All further selling conditions are mentioned in the selling contract.

Our vehicles are sold on sale to an entrepreneur under exclusion of all claims (proper defects)

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